Asset Management Real Estate LLC


Thank you for choosing Asset Management Real Estate to assist you with leasing your new home. In order to provide you with the best possible service, please read and be sure you understand the following Rental Qualifications and Criteria before completing the apply now link.

1. Each and every Applicant/Co-applicant over the age of 18 years must submit a completed and signed Rental Application.

2. As part of the application process, a background check is run on each Applicant/Co-applicant. Asset Management examines each report and the following will result in denial of an applicant.

* Applicant/Co-applicant has unpaid utility bills.

* Applicant/Co-applicant has an eviction on his/her report

* Applicant/Co-applicant has an unpaid balance owing to a Property Managemnt Company, Landlord or Rental Entity.

* Applicant/Co-applicant lacks at least 2 years verifiable positive rental history with a Management Company or non-related Landlord.

3. Each and every Applicant/Co-applicant must provide valid government photo identification and social security number. The following are examples of acceptable ID.

*State issued Photo ID

* Driver's License

* Passport

* Military ID

4. Income must be verified at two times the rental amount

5. Applicant/Co-applicant must not have drug or alcohol related offenses within the past two years, and must provide document to Asset Management Real Estate that shows he/she has completed all required programs required by the courts. Felony offenses including sexual offenses, violent crimes against a person(s) theft and drug related offenses will result in automatic denial of the application.